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Tags & Collars

No one wants to go through the horrible feelings of loosing a pet. Accidents do happen and in a blink of an eye they can run between your feet or claw through a screened window, especially if you have a real escape artist in your midst.

Typically cats do not leave their immediate area when they stray from home. So, make sure you put food out the minute you notice they are gone. Also, renting a trap from a local feed store or rescue group can get your kitty back. They are humane and basically close when your kitty steps on a plate. Most feed stores charge a refundable deposit and a $3/day rental fee. They are lured in by the food you put in. Usually people use tuna (in-oil type.)

Make sure you have a good photo of your pet, in case you have to put up flyers.

Just putting identification on your cat can help bring them back to their warm and loving home. Tags and collars are a must for this reason. Even microchipping is a worth while investment.

If you have only one or two pets it may be worth it just to get the tags from a local pet shop. If you have a multi-pet household it may be more economical to order them through mail. One such place has tags for as low as $3.59 each. Click here to go to their website!

Remember, not all collars are the same. Make sure you get a ‘break-away’ style collar. These collars are made so that in case your animal gets them caught on anything, they will not become strangled by their collar.