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15 Dogs, 45 Cats and You!

For every person that is born 15 dogs and 45 cats are also born. Pet overpopulation is a BIG PROBLEM, as these statistics show. In order to keep up with the current flood of puppies and kittens, every person would have to own 2 dogs and 6 cats during their entire lifetime (assuming that people live for 75 years, and dogs and cats for 10). A household of 5 would have to harbor 10 dogs and 30 cats! Adoption alone is obviously not the answer, altering is!!!

This is why everyone must spay and neuter their pets. There is no reason not to. Help us win the fight of saving animals from being put to sleep at our shelters.

Please be a responsible pet owner and SPAY or NEUTER YOUR PET!!

Spay and Neuter Vouchers
Vouchers can be obtained at any one of the City Shelters. Visit their website: for locations. Also check out their spay/neuter mobile clinics for dates and locations for free spay and neuter!!

Feral Cats Need a Place Too!!

Do your part for our feral cats. Spay and Neuter and Release (TNR). Maintain a responsible feral colony in your neighborhood. Spaying and neutering is free through Fix Nation.

Contact Fix Nation at (818) 524-2287 or through their website:

Information for trapping can be obtained through Stray Cat Alliance at

Surgical Assistance
Sam Simon Foundation
Performs surgeries at no charge at various locations: